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Our story

Once upon a time...

It started by simply sharing sourdough loaves – with family, friends and neighbours just over the fence. Today we’re baking and delivering sourdough and baked goods to our fellow northerners in Preston and Thornbury.

We’re inspired by the time-honoured craft and magic of baking. It takes us to a place of childhood joy. The stuff of Enid Blyton stories –familiar, warm and wonderful.

We love working with high-quality ingredients from the earth. We love the craft. We love our community.

We also don’t think premium-quality bakery products should cost the earth. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact, from our packaging to our processes.

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Our People

Toby Lee

Wildwood is the brainchild of Toby Lee, and born-and-bred Thornbury / Preston local who has found his calling after a career in kitchens around the world.

Anna Topalidou

Food and creativity are common threads which have been woven through Anna’s life.